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A better way to test user experiences

If you have an InVision prototype, you have everything you need to start collecting user data with

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We provide a laboratory

We build a personal lab space where you can create experiments, share them with testers, and capture your test results.

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You create an experiment

Create new experiments with simply by providing a name, Invision share link, and tester instructions.

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Share your experiment with testers

We provide a URL that your testers can use to take your experiments.

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Analyze, Improve, Iterate

Use experiment results to analyze user interactions and behavior, apply improvements, repeat testing as many times as needed until your goals are achieved.

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Know users love your app! lets you perfect your apps user experience & usability, before a single line of code is written!

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Launch proven products!

Remove risk from the equation

Fusionlab on mobile
Fusionlab on desktop
Fusionlab on tablet
Fusionlab on mobile
Fusionlab on mobile

Access on desktop, mobile or tablet and you nor your testers need to install anything



Get unlimited access to:

  • Create experiments
  • Share with testers
  • Get data and insights


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